Project Info

Cinetopia Prairie Fire

C2K provided design services for this two-story, 17-auditorium cinema on behalf of luxury theater operator Cinetopia. This cinema is a key element in the entertainment district for Prairie Fire at Lions Gate, a high-end mixed-use development outside of Kansas City. It is also the operator’s first location outside the Pacific Northwest. The program combines a state-of-the-art movie experience with a restaurant, wine bar, sports bar, and art gallery in a total of 76,000 square feet.

Cinetopia’s interiors evoke “the future of cinema.” Clean, modern finishes and dramatic lighting are found throughout; the lower level is geared toward family entertainment, while the second floor’s age 21-and-over venues offer a rich mix of diversions for the “date night” crowd.

Cinetopia patrons choose from a variety of exclusive movie watching experiences. The cinema’s intimate parlors are meant to emulate what a billionaire cinephile might build in their home. Living Room Theaters offer extra-wide, comfortable seating with restaurant service, while premium, large format GXL auditoriums provide immersive viewing experiences.

This project opened in spring 2014.

Cinetopia Prairie Fire — Overland Park, Kansas