Project Info

Milwaukie High School Health & Wellness Center

This C2K design and renovation converted a wood shop into Oregon’s largest school-based health center. In an innovative partnership between the school district and the social service agency Outside In, this 2,700-square-foot facility offers free, comprehensive health services to Milwaukie High students and their families.

The old wood shop was housed in a mid-century addition to a 1925 structure. We added windows to the exterior wall to bring natural light into the space. We also removed dropped ceilings and added interior clerestory windows to allow sunlight to filter into core spaces.

We divided the interior space into three exam rooms, a full-service lab, and offices for the staff. To meet the need for ultimate privacy and HIPAA compliance, we carefully laid out exam rooms and waiting area spaces. A divider wall with colored glass inserts separates the lobby and treatment areas and adds visual interest to the facility.

The project was completed in 2012.

Milwaukie High School Health & Wellness Center — Milwaukie, Oregon