Project Info

Nellis Air Force Base Fitness Center

C2K designed this over 100,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art training facility to evoke pride and define a commitment to health. Just as important, the project has achieved the Air Force’s standards for aesthetics, functionality, and environmental sustainability.

This two-story building features an elevated running track that provides unobstructed views of nearby fighter jet runways. Mountain ranges and the Las Vegas skyline are visible in the distance. The program includes three basketball courts, a weight training and equipment room, and a six-lane lap pool. A central circulation spine bisects the building, beginning at the entry and ending at the main workout area. Symmetrical “wing” structure elements deliberately reference the building’s aeronautic inspiration and frame a voluminous space at the spine’s terminus.

Thoughtful building orientation, concentration of windows to the north, and highly insulated metal panels all contribute to a building that is responsive to its harsh desert locale.

The project is certified LEED Gold and won a 2010 Concept Design Honor Award and a 2012 Merit Award in Recognition of Design Excellence from the USAF. It was completed in 2012.

Nellis Air Force Base Fitness Center — North Las Vegas, Nevada