Project Info

Stephen’s Place

The Wayne E. and Joan D. Kuni Foundation is developing one of the United States’ first assisted living facilities designed for active, developmentally disabled adults ages 50 and up. It is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Kuni, Wayne and Joan Kuni’s developmentally delayed child. They’ve chosen C2K to provide architectural services. North American Senior Living will operate the facility.

Though the program at Stephen’s Place is similar to a standard assisted living facility, a few significant differences make it stand out. The resident population will receive support from two to three times more program managers than is typical. Offerings will include dietary counseling, fitness classes, occupational and physical therapy, and recreational and entertainment activities. The facility will also contain a commercial kitchen and on-site laundry. Fifty percent of the building’s 42,000 square feet will be dedicated to common areas; the remainder will house 42 residents, who will be surrounded by higher-end finishes than those commonly found in similar facilities.

Stephen's Place opened in early 2015.

Stephen’s Place — Vancouver, Washington